Burlington, Iowa on the Mississippi

Donate to Light Up the

Great River Bridge

The Lightscape Story

Through the generous donations of local foundations and private citizens, Phase I of the Lightscape project was successfully accomplished when the steeples and towers of downtown Burlington were illuminated. Funding is still needed for the relighting of the Great River Bridge, the illumination of historic Snake Alley and the establishment of a maintenance fund. 

What is Lightscape?

The wonderful illumination of the steeple and facade of St. John’s Catholic Church several years ago offered a tantalizing vision – what if additional landmarks in downtown Burlington, Iowa were similarly lighted? Our towers, spires, steeples, and buildings are the embodiment of the aspirations of Burlington’s past citizens. Now, work has begun to create a sparkling jeweled crown for our beautiful city.

After years of fundraising and preparation, the Burlington Lightscape Committee has unveiled their most ambitious project to date - the illumination of eight of Burlington's most well-known landmarks. Each evening as dusk falls, the downtown skyline is brought to life by the soft glow of LED lights, accentuating the remarkable architecture of century old buildings.  The Steeples Project is the first phase of a plan that will also re-illuminate the Great River Bridge and historic Snake Alley.

Of course, funding is needed to make the Burlington Lightscape Project a success. The money raised goes towards planning the lighting projects, installing the equipment, and establishing an endowment to cover future maintenance and costs.